Act now.
Protect jobs.

With lockdown easing and businesses getting back to work, the time has come to begin the next stage of protecting the nation – ensuring our economy bounces back, bigger and better than it was before.


As the lifeblood of the economy, ensuring the UK’s 30m+ employees remain in work is critical to this.

#BusinessBounceBack is an organisation campaigning for the government to work closely with the business community to ensure they have the resources, skills and inspiration needed to protect jobs and to innovate and grow their way out of the covid-19 crisis.

We’re now campaigning for the UK Government to work closely with businesses to provide the support they need to protect employees and create more jobs going forward. We see 3 key areas of opportunity which businesses need support delivering:


Skills development

Whilst some job types are under pressure, others are thriving. Businesses and Government must work together to help reskill and upskill employees whose jobs may be at risk to enable them to seize job opportunities within different companies and within different sectors.


Job protection and creation

The businesses community must work together with Government to develop new and innovative ways to protect jobs. From offering part-time roles and short-term contracts, to working together to create shared roles, new ideas are needed to keep as many employees as possible in work.



Ensuring every industry sector is propelled by innovation and creative thinking is now more important than ever. Government must recognise this and do all it can to support new ideas and creative thinking, from providing funding to working with businesses to give them the training and tools needed to think creatively.

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